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Bridgewater Law Group is highly adept to take on a variety of multi-layered, complex legal matters. Our founder is a member of Mensa, a recognition reserved for the top 2% of I.Q. levels. Regardless of that, we pride ourselves in being approachable subject matter experts and legal advisors in many topics. Bridgewater’s proven record of success is all of the proof we need. It is about being an advocate for our clients and holding necessary parties accountable. Your win is our win, and we work tirelessly to get you the best possible outcome for your case. We know when the best offer is on the table and when there is more settlement there to pursue. We value transparency, client relationships and hold ourselves to the highest standard for our clients and for the law.

Our Expertise Includes Car Accidents

Any car accident in California carries some obligation, even if it seems like you are not at fault. We can guide you through your options and hold at-fault parties responsible for your damages, instead of theirs. Types of accidents we represent are:

Serious Injuries

An accident is scary enough, no doubt. What makes an injury qualify as a serious injury? We know, and we can help you be in the know too. Some examples of these types of injuries include:

Trucking Accidents

Our group has first-hand knowledge of the corporate and individual liabilities of trucking accidents. Find out more about how we can help you. We can show you settlement options, advantages, and disadvantages of settling as well as the types of settlements available to you.

Premises Liability

In the legal world, think of premise liability as personal injury meets hazardous conditions on another property. If you were injured on another party’s property and have experienced pain and suffering, you have options.

Product Liability and Medical Malpractice

Product liability pertains to manufacturers or sellers being held liable for placing a dangerous or defective product into the hands of a consumer. Medical malpractice refers to negligent care at the hands of a clinic, physician or other healthcare professional. These organizations have teams of lawyers trying to prevent lawsuit claims, but we know how to go up against them.

Business Law

Business law can sometimes be referred to as commercial law as well. Key areas of business law are industry regulation (pertaining to a partnership, company liability and government agency) and transactional law, such as business contracts. The rules also change continually with new technologies and regulation standards. With so many players and elements mixed in business, it is wise to have an attorney informed on these laws and how they have evolved over time.

Business law may include the following topics:

We Will Take on the Risk so You do not Have to

The best part of working with us is our contingent fee arrangements, for everything but our Business Law division. If you do not win, we do not win. There is no fee if there is no recovery. If we take on your case, it is because we believe in it and will not stop fighting for you. With everything you have already been through, why not have an advocate on your side? Our contingency fees range depending on the complexity of the case. We strive for the highest settlement available and will advise when the right offer has come through for you. Our performance on cases is as determined and resolute as our passion.

Find out More

We can offer you a free consultation and tell you our assessment, to let you know if we believe you have an excellent chance for an excellent settlement. Our consultants are standing by to advise you on the potential of your case. Do not waste another minute and give us a call today.

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Client Reviews
You can tell they really care, and that's so important. They were always calling to check in, always wanted me to be comfortable, handled everything for me (even calling me an uber when my car was in the shop), worked very hard from beginning straight to the last minute. Having that kind of firm behind you makes you feel really safe. Great experience, thanks. Sama
Thanks Mr. Zar! You did a great job, I’ll be sure to refer people over to you, there are just too many lawyers out there giving the profession a bad name, glad to have your type around. Gerry
Matt drove all the way to my house, after I called him the night before. Don’t know of any other lawyers that would do that. He helped comfort me, explained everything to me very honestly, and delivered on everything he promised. It’s hard to find someone so dedicated, so I thank the Bridgewater Law Group from the bottom of my heart. Aida