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Highway Crashes

California's highways are some of the busiest in the country thanks to an active tourism industry, large commercial vehicles transporting goods, and the daily routes of local residents. With so many vehicles attempting to share the same roadways, the risk of highway accidents is high.

There are also many car accidents and truck accidents that are the result of drowsy driving, distracted driving, and other instances of reckless driving. Regardless of whether the driver who caused your accident willfully neglected safe driving laws, you should still seek financial compensation for your injuries.

Victims of highway crashes may be eligible for damages, including pain and suffering, loss of income, reduced earning capacity, property damage, medical bills and more. It is in your best interest to have an experienced Los Angeles highway accident attorney review your case as soon as possible following the incident.

What Causes Highway Accidents?

Highway accidents may be caused by a number of factors. Here are the most common ones:

Driving Under the Influence. In California, it is illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. When a driver drives while intoxicated, the driver is not only endangering themselves but also others on the road.

Driving While Distracted. Eating, talking to other passengers, and texting are all considered forms of distracted driving and they play a big factor in highway accidents. Drivers who do not place their full attention on the road could be considered as engaging in reckless driving which is a criminal offense.

Drowsy Driving. Drivers who get behind the wheel even though they know they are too tired place others in danger. Drowsy driving is a common factor in truck accidents that often occur on highways. When a driver does not get sufficient sleep, their driving abilities are akin to a drunk driver's, making them extremely dangerous and likely to cause an accident.

Weather. Adverse weather conditions make driving hazardous. It can turn an ordinary road trip into an unwanted accident waiting to happen.

Reckless Driving. There are some drivers who simply refuse to obey safe driving practices while on the road. These drivers may speed, make sudden lane changes, or tailgate causing rear-end collisions, side collisions and other types of avoidable accidents.

With so many factors at play, it can be difficult to determine the true cause of a highway crash.

California Highway Crash Statistics

In California, Los Angeles county ranks highest in the number of fatal car accidents for the state. According to the recent studies, the crash statistics reveal that:

  • Nearly 61% of accidents took place in or near an urban center;
  • Over 900 deaths were the result of speeding;
  • There were more than 480,000 car crashes reported;

Unfortunately, many drivers feel helpless after a highway accident because they are dealing with serious or fatal injuries. You should not have to deal with the insurance company or the driver on your own. Let an experienced California highway crash attorney handle your case so that you will have the opportunity to pursue a claim for the maximum financial compensation possible.

California Highway Crash Victims Should Seek Compensation

As the victim of a California highway crash, you should seek legal counsel immediately. An experienced Los Angeles highway crash attorney will help you explore all of the potential recovery options available to you. These options may include filing a claim with the driver's insurance company or taking civil action against the driver in the event of a crash that resulted in criminal charges being filed against the driver.

It is important for victims to remember that insurance companies are not there to look out for your best interests. Adjusters and insurers may try to take advantage of you without proper legal representation from an experienced Los Angeles highway crash attorney. It is also very unlikely that you will be able to recover the maximum compensation that you are entitled without the assistance of a lawyer.

Finally, your insurance policy sets forth limitations on your ability to file a claim, which could be as brief as 30 days. It will also take time for your Los Angeles highway accident lawyer to gather the evidence needed to defend your claim and this should be done as soon as possible following the incident.

If you need legal help following a highway crash, contact Bridgewater Law Group for help today. Our Los Angeles car accident law firm has locations in Los Angeles, Torrance, Calabasas, Ontario, Costa Mesa, Glendale, and Santa Fe Springs so that there is an experienced lawyer to represent you no matter your location.

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