Car Accident FAQs

How do I Know if I Have a Case?

The best way to know if you have a solid legal case is to contact an attorney. Through a thorough consultation the potential legal course of action can be discussed based on accident circumstances and available documentation. Always try to maintain thorough records, as this will greatly help your case.

What if More Than one Party is at Fault?

California law allows for percentages of blame to be allocated to each applicable party. Therefore, it is likely that if more than one person or entity is found to be at fault for your injuries than you may be awarded damages from each, in amounts based on percentage of fault.

How do Courts Calculate Settlements?

This is often a process that can baffle many people. Award settlements take in account many factors like liability and damages.

If you are injured in an accident, contact us at Bridgewater Law Group. Our knowledgeable, experienced attorneys will work for you. We will not stop until we know we have gotten the best settlement to compensate for your pain and suffering. You just focus on your recovery, let us do the rest!

Client Reviews
You can tell they really care, and that's so important. They were always calling to check in, always wanted me to be comfortable, handled everything for me (even calling me an uber when my car was in the shop), worked very hard from beginning straight to the last minute. Having that kind of firm behind you makes you feel really safe. Great experience, thanks. Sama
Thanks Mr. Zar! You did a great job, I’ll be sure to refer people over to you, there are just too many lawyers out there giving the profession a bad name, glad to have your type around. Gerry
Matt drove all the way to my house, after I called him the night before. Don’t know of any other lawyers that would do that. He helped comfort me, explained everything to me very honestly, and delivered on everything he promised. It’s hard to find someone so dedicated, so I thank the Bridgewater Law Group from the bottom of my heart. Aida