Business Law

Business law can sometimes be referred to as commercial law. Key areas of business law are: industry regulation (pertaining to a partnership, company liability, and government agency) and transactional law (such as business contracts). Many areas fall under business law. Every business will deal with contracts and wages, some will also need to navigate intellectual property and securities law. For some businesses, secured transactions and antitrust legalities will play an important role. The rules also change continually with new technologies and regulation standards. With so many players and elements mixed in business, it is wise to have an attorney informed on these laws and how they have evolved over time.

Business law may include the following topics:

Business Formation

Starting a business is a process full of excitement and potential frustrations. Legal codes and contracts must be navigated in order to see the successful completion of a business formation. From deciding what type of business you are structuring – corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, and so on – to managing the filing of important documents, expert legal advice helps pave the way for smooth sailing.

Start-Up Counsel

Growing businesses – or start-ups – need capital in order to finance the beginning stages. Seed capital, also referred to as fundraising capital, helps new businesses immensely. But it is not as simple as taking money from those who want to help. Terms, contracts, and legal obligations play a central role in these transactions. This is where our expert legal advice comes in; we can help you navigate the potentially daunting world of obtaining and managing the legalities of seed capital.

Real Estate

Real estate deals run far more smoothly with a knowledgeable law team by your side. Whether you are a developer, property owner, landlord, tenant, prospective buyer, or seller, our team can offer advice on all of the complexities surrounding real estate transactions. These transactions include: negotiation, preparing and reviewing transactions, and filing title reports. We work with methods that include mediation and litigation. If we can stop a problem before it becomes out of hand, then we will. Our goal is to get the best outcome for you, with the least hassle.


Contracts are a necessary and routine aspect of all business transactions. Legal counsel assists in establishing thorough and clear contracts. Expert legal advice also provides benefits and stress relief when dealing with breaches of contract agreements. We understand the liabilities associated with contract clauses, as well as how to negotiate claims for damages and restitution.


Corporate law offers unique challenges. As a legal entity established for business purposes, corporations are held to specific legislation that is different from other types of businesses. Corporate law deals with issues including: labor laws, wage laws, product liability lawsuits, and tax laws. From incorporating a business to navigating the legal obligations that each specific type of corporation falls into, knowledgeable legal counsel helps to ensure that compliance is met at each step along the way.

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