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Welcome to The Bridgewater Law Group. We put our focus on you and getting the most compensation for your claim. We are here to get you the best settlement possible. You will find that we focus less on being branded a “super law firm” for a reason. We cut through the noise and get to what matters, which is your recovery, both financial and emotional.

Because the Last Thing You Needed was an Injury

Your time is valuable and when an accident or injury disrupts that time or takes you away from your daily responsibilities, loved ones, and well-being, we know that someone and some companies need to pay.

We Have Insider Knowledge of the Industries

We have experts in business, ranging from multi-million dollar projects, commercial property acquisition, development, and syndication. We know how big companies work because we have worked with and for them, managing over 500 employees, perfected the art of negotiation and know the inner workings of large corporations. We also have access to some of the brightest minds both inside and outside the industry, allowing you to feel very comfortable that you are in great hands.

Campaigning for Your Case

At Bridgewater Law Group, we do not settle for just settling. Our founder set out to serve the average citizen--the ones who were severely maligned by large corporations. We know what makes them tick and we know how to take them to task. We know when there is more money available on the table and when there is not, we will be not just attorneys, but legal advisers to get you the best settlement possible.

We are an advocate for you. We take on the case because we believe we can win a worthwhile settlement. There is no cost to you on personal injury cases, we will work on a contingent basis, we win only if you win. We have a vested interest in seeing your case go for the highest possible amount, with no risk to you.

Uncanny Expertise

Bridgewater Law Group uniquely offers a variety of expertise, legal powerhouse advice and even members of Mensa--a distinction offered to I.Q. testers in the 98th percentile. An elite team available for the everyday seeker of legal expertise.

We Focus in the Following Areas Car Accidents

Driver distractions are at an all-time high and resulting in an increasing number of liabilities. If you are injured in a car accident, that matters. Do not let an insurance company pressure you into giving you less than your fair share.

Serious Injuries

The last thing any of us ever want is to be in this situation. Life is difficult enough as it is, but to undergo a serious injury that wasn’t asked for, is a tough pill to swallow. That is why we are passionately committed to making the process as easy as possible for you. The recovery process will be grueling and tough, the last thing you need is additional stress from the legal side.

Trucking Accidents

Our founder came from a background in the trucking industry. One of the businesses he created and ran used many trucks and truck drivers. So needless to say, we have first hand experience and knowledge of this industry. Trucking cases are riddled with pitfalls and tough issues, so make sure whoever you choose to handle the case actually knows the ins and outs of the industry.

Premise Liability

Premise Liability is a tricky area of law. Most large retailers have their own legal teams that handle these types of cases, and they can be worthy adversaries. We relish in the challenge. Nobody should escape the hand of the law, least of all companies that negligently allowed a customer to be injured on their property. These types of cases also could happen at a friend’s house, or an employer’s warehouse. No matter where you were injured, you deserve to be compensated, and we’re here to help.

Product Liability and Medical Malpractice

Many products are in regulated industries for a reason. What we use and ingest every day should offer a reasonable expectation of safety. But when companies put profits ahead of regulation and due diligence, it is time to hold them accountable, which is where Bridgewater Law Group can help. The ones we trust with our health should also, and will be, held to a standard of care that we expect from them. Physicians and Hospitals, the ones we trust with our health, that end up causing more harm should be held responsible for their actions. Let our legal team help navigate these often expensive and landmine filled waters for you.

Business Law

Whether it is business formations, non-competes or trade law agreements, we have seen firsthand how companies operate. We are able to get down to brass tacks on complex transactions and advise your options. Don’t let a company tell you it is not subject to arbitration: you have rights.

Find out more with Bridgewater Law Group. We are in this together. Think of us extraordinary experts with ordinary interests, like making sure everyone has a fair chance to fight. It also doesn’t hurt that our founder grew up in this world and knows it like the back of his hand.

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Client Reviews
You can tell they really care, and that's so important. They were always calling to check in, always wanted me to be comfortable, handled everything for me (even calling me an uber when my car was in the shop), worked very hard from beginning straight to the last minute. Having that kind of firm behind you makes you feel really safe. Great experience, thanks. Sama
Thanks Mr. Zar! You did a great job, I’ll be sure to refer people over to you, there are just too many lawyers out there giving the profession a bad name, glad to have your type around. Gerry
Matt drove all the way to my house, after I called him the night before. Don’t know of any other lawyers that would do that. He helped comfort me, explained everything to me very honestly, and delivered on everything he promised. It’s hard to find someone so dedicated, so I thank the Bridgewater Law Group from the bottom of my heart. Aida